Our mission

Creativity and artistic expression should not be limited by technical thresholds. Using the advantage of smart contracts, NFT takes an important role in technological mediums and innovative forms of tokenization in Web3.

In realism terms, NFT creates a new monetizing approach for artistic works, and also inspires the combination of art and technology. Besides, NFT enable artists to protect copyrights by using blockchain technology and distribute their personal artwork on the blockchain to grab extensive potential opportunities.

Dorado is dedicated to providing tools for individual artists and projects. In order to eliminate technical barriers, the product will be much more concerning usability and compatibility. Creators do not need to spend lots of time and energy to solve technical problems, but only need to focus on their own artworks.

There are lots of open opportunities to cooperate with global creative projects in Dorado. We hope to create a fair, open, and transparent platform for creators and collectors, gathering the traffic of the NFT launchpad and providing technical support services, so everything the creators need we all bring to Dorado.


We explore novelties, and yearn for the unknown. In the planet of Web3, we are the voyagers, constantly collecting our landmarks in the journey of knowledge cosmos.

We’re builders and creatives, and being passionate with the new things in the crypto world. There are degens in early crypto investment, some members from NFT community, and technical experts who have worked in the Internet for many years.

We’re going to keep on exploring and creating more awesome tools to BUIDL the next generation of Web3 alongside with developers, creators, artists. That’s our beliefs!